New Patient Overview

Overview for New Patients

Prolotherapy Florida - Patient OverviewWelcome to Prolotherapy Florida! 
At your initial visit, someone will ask for your completed new patient forms (download here) and any films (X-Rays or MRIs) you may have brought.  After your patient file is compiled, you will meet Dr. Linetsky and discuss your current complaint, medical history and review your films.

Dr. Linetsky will then conduct your physical exam in the treatment room.  Women are asked to remove their outer clothing and shoes, and change into a (cotton) examination gown.  FYI: gowns close and tie in the back.  It also may be more comfortable to bring socks to wear on the sometimes-chilly tile floor.  

After your exam, Dr. Linetsky will discuss the outcome and his recommendation for treatment of your condition with you.  If you are a candidate for Prolotherapy, injections may then take place if you wish.  Many of our patients travel considerable distances and this is a convenient option to utilize.  

If you wish to discuss your findings with family members or plan treatment at another time, we will be glad to schedule and appointment at a later time that will be comfortable for you.

Subsequent visits follow the same regimen with payment and next appointment scheduling at the end of treatment.

We strive to make your visits relaxed and comfortable.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Remember, it's all about you.
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